when the music stops i’m alone again

On Saturday 25th August 2012 I stopped praying. But every time I sing the hymn „The day thou gavest“ I believe what I sing. It’s like a game children play. Children don’t consider the game to be less than the „real life“. They don’t think „It’s just a game.“ No, the game counts, it is serious, it is meaningful, it matters. I think the same happens in any ritual: During the performance everything we say or do is real. In the performance of „singing ‚The day thou gavest'“ God is (without quotation marks) really the creator and sustainer of the cosmos. As long as the hymn lasts everything the hymn says is true, is real, is meaningful. Only when the music stops do we find ourselves again in the „geworfenheit“ of our existence. Alone. But that’s also okay.

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